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Playing Piano in Rain

Have you tried playing the piano in the rain? Sounds so romantic, isn't it?

Many European art festivals are held outdoors. This is not the first time we played in the square, but it was the first time it rained while we played at 28th July outdoor concert.

Shaun Hern was welcomed with a light drizzle as a heavenly accompaniment as he

played a mellow Chopin's fourth narrative. Hundreds of spectators on the square

stayed for the Chopin in the rain, not one leaving nor anyone care for an umbrella. Sometimes quiet and gentle, sometimes tragic and melancholy, the music of the

Chopin drifted into everyone's heart along with the drizzle. This brings me back to the Warsaw Square a few years ago, a romantic scene with rows of willows swaying in the breeze before the statue of Chopin. As the narrative came to an end, the rain ended symbolizing Chopin end of life as he wrote this amazing composition. It was a

successful concert with the audience standing and applauding, shouting "Bravo" .

Our day ended with the mayor hosting us to late night super and invitation for Shaun

Hern to come back next year. I think Shuan Hern’s has gained advance experience in

control of the piano keys in rain.

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